Certified Onan RV Generator Repair Facility

We can assist with sales and repair services of RV Generators and integrated power systems manufactured by Cummins, Inc.

To extend the life of your RV generator, it’s recommended that you have it professionally serviced every 12 months. At D&H RV & Marine, our service department is certified to repair and service any Onan RV generator. Additionally, we are able to perform work on any portable or RV generator.

Services May Include:

Onan Generator Oil Change and Filter: Customers can bring in their generators and power systems for oil and filter change services at comprehensive costs and by OEM expertise of Cummins/Onan. Furthermore, we can perform all general repair and replacement tasks including engine repairs, spark plugs, starters, turbo, compressors, hoses, belts and any other components. We can also update software, hardware and mobile applications.

Onan Generator Warranty Repair Service & Support: Customers can bring in their under warranty generators for diagnosis and repair without paying any charges. For any out of warranty repair and replacement services, the customer will need to satisfy any balance for services performed.

Onan Parts & Accessories: Any OEM genuine and green labeled parts and components for Onan generators and power systems can be purchased or ordered easily at our parts department.

Feel free to reach out to our Service or Parts Departments at 919-362-4665 or email:

service@dhrvcenter.com parts@dhrvcenter.com

Don’t Forget To Run Your Generator Frequently

In addition to maintenance, you can keep the generator running smoothly for the long haul by exercising it routinely. It’s recommended you run the generator for at least one hour each month to keep fuel from gumming up. You will also need to run the air conditioner, or one or two other large appliances, during this time so the generator can run at 50% load capacity.

Exercising the generator also protects your warranty. If an issue develops later and the hour meter shows that the unit hasn’t been run much, warranty coverage may be denied.

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